Hermits' Services
Concept Art
We Take your idea, contextualize it by giving it a backstory then craft it into the perfect concept art
Splash Art
We turn concept arts into amazing splash art by taking care of every detail.
UI/UX Design
Years of experience have taught us how to design UI that is responsive, user friendly, and gets the job done in the simplest way.
2D Art Assets
Whatever the style of your 2D game, be it pixle, cartoony, or stylized, we can make & animate characters, environement, and VFXs
3D Modeling
We use the latest technologies to produce all styles of 3D models from polygonal to realistic.
3D Animation
We can work on all sort of animations from fluid to skeletal. Whatever the creature you need to animate, we will figure it out.
We have extensive experience in industry standard languages (C++ / C#) and the two amazing engines (Unity / Unreal) and we will make your game using the engine that best suits it.
Music Production
We have the experience to produce music for maximum imeersion and interactivity designed specifically for games.
Full-Cycle Development
Experienced project managers and team leads in our team allows us to take on full projects and turn your idea into an actualized software. Be it a game, a simulation, or an interactive application, we got this!
We can also work seamlessly with your team to help boost thier productivity and co-develop your game. Think of us as an agile working force inside your team.
Need Help with game dev? We are ready to discuss the details of your project. Just shoot us an email