We aspire to satisfy our clients through transparent communication, rapid iterations, and professional project management. Your satisfaction is our top priorty.


Our experienced teams will take care of every technical detail. So take a back seat and leave it all to us.


We will always look to support all developers of all sizes from indie to AAA allowing you to focus your resources on business gorwth and marketing.


Making games has always been our passion and motivation. We pour our souls in each project to achieve excellence.

Meet our team

Kamal Aittah

Founder / CEO

Karim Gameil

Co-Founder / CTO

Maurice Mishael

Music composer

Nihal Mohammad

Lead Artist

Nouran Hassan

Concept Artist

Omneya Omar

3D Artist

Mohammad Aittah

Technical Artist

Ahmad Dwayke

Gameplay Programmer

Yasser Badr

Gameplay Programmer

Hermits' Culture

We don't treat game dev as work. We treat it as something we're passionate about. We never deliver work we aren't proud of, and we do our best to help our clients achieve uniqueness and originality. Every project is treated with utmost care and attention to detail.

2015 : Game Hermits founded as an indie team working on a game titled War of Peace

2016 :We managed to finish our first project. However, we switched direction and decided to work on B2B helping game developers and gaining more experience in the field.

2020 :After 4 years of working as freelancers, we managed to deliver multiple projects in different genres and gain enough confidence to seek investment for our studio.

2021 :Funds secured, studio established, now we are working hard to realize our dream of becoming a lead game development studio in the MENA region.

Need help with game dev?

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