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Hi everyone, this is Karim the tech hermit!


I’ll be starting out with the most controversial topic in the game industry regarding game engines. UNITY VS UNREAL! And I promise I’ll put an end to it and answer all your questions so stick around until the end.


Before we begin, if you don’t know who I am, I’m the main developer in Game Hermits, you can know more about me here.


I want to start out by saying that I’m well aware of the other engines besides Unity and Unreal, but those two are the best well-rounded engines that can help develop games of all shapes and sizes. They are like C# and Java of programming languages. This is why people compare them all the time.

You probably read this before “Unity is good for beginners, Unreal is better for experienced devs” But that’s not true. The reality is, Unity and Unreal are both tools that you MUST have in your arsenal if you are aspiring to be an elite game developer.

Think of it like using a Claw hammer or an Engineers hammer … they are both hammers, but you’ll probably use a Claw hammer for nails and an Engineers hammer for tent stakes.

So, the real question is not “which is better?” but rather "when to use unity and when to use unreal". Now that’s more like it. Let’s get into it right away.


When to Use Unity?


Now you know when to use Unity. Because of its easy framework, people usually say it’s for beginners but from a professional point of view, you want to use the best tool to get a task done. Using unity in the previously mentioned situations usually means using the best and easiest tool and that’s exactly what you want.


Now for Unreal Engine. when to use it?

Disclaimer: UE4 is used in so many fields (movies, rendering, VFX, and many more) that it will take multiple blogs to write about all of them. So, I’m only going to mention cases regarding game development.

Yet, I still see companies and programmers only use Blueprints and that’s just a waste. I get that C++ is hard to learn but it’s worth it, trust me.


Here you go, that’s my opinion on the Unity Vs Unreal topic. They are both tools so use them for their intended tasks and you’ll spare yourself a major headache.

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