Welcome to Game Dev EXP!
Kamal Aittah
21 / 2 / 2021

Welcome to Game Dev EXP!

Hi there, we welcome you to Game dev EXP, a series where we share our experiences as working professionals in the game industry and give back to the community by shedding light on some of the topics that are more obscure than most.

You are probably thinking “Who exactly are you people?” Well, in case you’re wondering, here’s a quick intro.

Yo, I’m Kamal, Founder & CEO of Game Hermits. I’ve been working as a Game dev for over 7+ years and I’ve taken many responsibilities in project & business management. I’ll be your guide for business around game dev. So, if you’re an entrepreneur or looking to do serious business with your game, we’re gonna get along well 😉.

Hi, my name is Karim, Co-Founder and lead game developer in Game Hermits. I’ve been working as a game programmer for 5+ years and I’ve created many games using the two community favorites, Unity
and Unreal. I have experience working with C# and C++ and I’ll be your host for game programming topics.

Hey all, it’s me Hadeer, or Dee for short 😊 I’m a freelance artist but I’ve worked with Game Hermits on several projects and I wanted to share my experience here. I’ve been working as a game artist for 5+ years now and I’m really excited to connect with all of you.

We are not the best in our fields, and we still have so much to learn; however, we will talk about the topics of which we have experience and tell you the dos and don’ts from our point of view and generally give you a hint on what you should be doing in order to avoid the mistakes that we’d made in the past.

The series will feature weekly articles on these topics.

Each topic will have at least 4 articles that will take you from zero to zero+ (someone who knows what they need to do exactly to succeed).

It’s your responsibility to become a hero, but we would be glad to help out, so whenever you feel stuck, just contact us through our email or through our social media channels.

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