What is Call to Valkyrie?

Call To Valkyrie is a Single-player Viking-themed Squad-based RTS that tackles The real essence of Viking raids on Britannia. The game is an authentic historical fiction whos premise is true to history, but detailed events are fictional.

Story: After Ragnar Lothbrok’s execution at the hands of the Northumbrians, our main champion; Ivar the Boneless and his two brothers set out on a campaign to invade the Kingdom of Northumbria and avenge their father.

Unique Mechanic - Raiding

In the game, player is not able to build a base or gather resources, however, as a Viking cheif, player is expected to raid different settlements and occupy them. Only then will player be able to use the occupied settlement resources. Player can also hunt down traveling merchants to seize their goods and resources.

Unique Mechanic - Recruitment

Player can grow in numbers only by recruting the peasants of an occupied settlement. However, peasants are also responsible for resource production. So, player has to find a fine balance between recruiting peasants as new soldiers and leaving them for resource produciton. Oh, player can also just burn the entire settlement ... Since peasants can rebel and catch the player off-guard.

Progress So Far

Right now, the Last version is the Pre-Alpha version 0.4 on itch.io. This version includes the core mechanics of raiding, recruiting, AI, Tactics, and four different unit types. We are planning on including Champions, more unit types, unit skills, Levels and cutscenes, and of course, quests and side missions. Join our discord to keep updated!