Kamal Aittah


Before we start, you can now download the test version here. You can also join our discord server.

As you might know, our newest

pre-alpha version 0.2 is out

and you. It’s been five days and I want to thank everyone who downloaded the game and gave us feedback, we truly appreciate it. The feedback we’ve got, once again, encouraged us to continue with this game, although we might change a couple of things when it comes to camera control and pace of the game. Knowing that most of you have enjoyed this version so far, we would like to take another step forward into making this game a success. “

But Kamal …

” I hear you asking, “

How long is this game going to be in development?

” It’s really hard to know for sure, but it will be released in late 2021. Having implemented the code for the game in the most flexible way, we can produce a test version every two months which you can try and enjoy. Of course, these test versions are getting better and better in terms of graphics and gameplay, and this is all because of your positive criticism and feedback.

What can we take from this test version?

We know for sure now that the locked camera feature is going to work well with some more adjustments and specially when we implement scouts and champion who can be called anywhere on the map. We also know that the combat and units' types are well-established, so we’ll be polishing that even further. The art direction we took is also OK so we’ll be aiming to further polish it and make it into something worth looking at. “But Kamal …” I hear you asking again, “What’s the next step for Call to Valkyrie?” We truly think that this game is going to be a massive hit and evolve the RTS genre if we continue at this pace. With your valuable feedback and our passion and determination, we can make this game in the best possible way. For now, we want to focus on polishing the game as much as possible, especially the graphics. We are aiming to have a level of graphics that is close to the finished product for the next pre-alpha version 0.3 which is going to be up in two months. And for that to happen, we need your support as we iterate over art assets. So if you want to help us out with the next pre-alpha version, kindly join our Discord server. We’ll be waiting for you!