Kamal Aittah


Before we dive in, we’d like to announce our second **PRE-ALPHA** version. It’s going to be released this 30th of April. Join our community over at Discord to learn more.

In the last blog we talked about the tactics and scouts and how they are going to deal with the locked camera feature, if you missed out on that, you can read it here.
We’ve noticed some people were confused about the type of game this is, so here is a statement to clear things up.

Call to Valkyrie is a single-player campaign.

It’s a story-driven adventure set in the late 9th century where the great heathen army raided the kingdoms of Britannia to avenge their fallen leader Ragnar Lothbrok, and We currently don’t plan on having any sort of multiplayer platform in the game.
With that out of the way, let’s get to the real subject of this blog. There are different types of units that you can recruit and control, those would be: -

  1. Axe warrior
  2. Spear Warrior
  3. Archer
  4. Dagger fighter
  5. Scout
  6. Berserker
Those are the units that you can recruit and manage. Of course, each of them has different parameters for damage, movement speed, health, attack speed, etc. They also behave differently for whatever tactical role you’re assigning them. 
But that’s not all of it, the exciting part is that each unit will be able to use a unique skill. For example, Spear warrior’s skill is to throw his spear dealing extra damage, and then go in a defensive state that allows him to tank some extra damage but renders him unable to attack. 
We’ve designed their skills to complement each other and add depth to the different strategies you can come up with.
We’re also discussing the idea of having a bloodlust feature for each unit that increases with each attack and once it’s maxed, the unit snaps into rage state that boosts its parameters greatly for a short duration. If you like the sound of that, you can help us polish the idea by posting in our discord.
Another thing that will give more variety to the gameplay style is the Champion unit. Inspired by WarCraftIII, we’ve designed a unit that is dramatically stronger than other units and has extra skill/passive abilities. It also can be selected from anywhere on the map just like scout units.
The Anglo-Saxons’ champions are going to be the king of Northumbria and the local governors in different cities. As for you, the Vikings, they will be Ragnar’s sons. For the most of the game you’ll be playing as the youngest son Ivar the boneless. We are still designing his skill set, of course, you can help us out by reviewing it on discord.
With these different mechanics mentioned in this blog and the previous one, we are hoping to achieve an original RTS game that challenges the player in ways that other games in the genre does not. 
Instead of focusing on Meta strategies, fast building and securing resources, you’ll be focusing on effectively manipulating units and placing them around the map, track enemy trade routes, raid smaller villages, and overall think like a true Viking warrior.