A game designed around your play style!
Kamal Aittah

A game designed around your play style!

Before we dive in, we’d like to announce our second **PRE-ALPHA** version. It’s going to be released this 30th of April. Join our community over at Discord to learn more.

In the last blog we talked about how we intended to evolve the RTS formula into something unique and original. Here’s a brief; We intend to implement a new recruitment system and mission-based campaign that can be beaten by various means that is based around your choices as a player rather than what the game suggests.

Today I’d like to continue with this subject by introducing how the units will play a big factor while still keeping the game primarily influenced by your choices.
But since this is a very big part of the game, we will discuss this in two separate blogs. After all, this is a squad-based RTS, so
of course we will be spoiling units with interesting mechanics. But I digress. For today’s blog, we’re going to talk about Tactics and group control.
So in the game you can select units by dragging a selection box around them, clicking on one of them, or assigning numbers to call them by.
You can also select all units of the same type in the viewport, so all the standard stuff have been implemented.
However, since the camera is fixed, you can’t call units that are far from the camera. You have to move with the currently selected unit(s) to the aforementioned units' location to be able to do so.
But this concept alone proved to be jarring according to the feedback we received from the first pre-alpha version.
So we thought about it and found a way to get around the problem, which is SCOUTS. 
In the game, you can recruit scout units that are fast but weak. The interesting part though is that you can call them from anywhere on the map. 
Now this introduces a whole different depth to how you can strategically maneuver around the map. Your camera is fixed to whatever unit you have selected. 
So placing scouts in the right spots on the map as well as protecting or hiding them is crucial to always be aware of what’s happening around you. 
Of course when a unit dies the camera switches to the nearest living unit. So if you put your scouts in a deserted area with no nearby troops, and he dies, you’ll lose sight of that area until you move your troops there. 
With this feature, the game still revolves around your choices, whether you want to risk it and move in one big army, or place your scouts around the map, or cut the enemy’s trading routes. It’s up to you, though this feature is still under development.
Another thing we’ve already implemented and is going to be presented in the next pre-alpha version is the tactics system. You have four different tactics that you can choose for currently selected units. 
These tactics define how these units behave in battle and they go as follows:
  1. No Tactic: every unit will target the nearest enemy.
  2. Jormungandr (World serpent): ranged units will favor attacking enemy tank units. Tanks go against opposing tanks, and flankers will favor attacking enemy ranged units. Best used for pincer attacks
  3. Hold your ground: units won’t pursue enemy units. Best for luring the enemy away.
  4. Skjaldborg (Shield wall): tanks will favor protecting ranged units from enemy tank units. While ranged units and flankers will favor attacking enemy backline.

Each tactic has its own weaknesses and strengths, not to mention that the enemy can use different tactics as well. 
So on top of being a great strategic leader, you’ll need to be a mastermind tactician on the battlefield to effectively overrun your enemies and score a victory.
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Also, Ramadan Kareem!