Hermits making games?

We are a passionate team of devs who are determined on delivering original games and great experineces. We started out as a team of college students who wanted to learn Game development by making a game together. After college has ended, Co-Founder Karim Gameil and I, Founder Kamal Aittah decided to give Game Hermits a shot after getting some expeirence in the field and that's how we came to the development of Call To Valkyrie, our debut game.

Our vision is to bring what the players want and go where no other developer dare to. Yes we prioritize money, but we are gamers before we became game developers or business owners, and we want to be the place where gamers' dreams come true by executing what gamers demand even if it's against the current or trending genres.

Kamal Aittah

A computer science graduate in 2017. Kamal dived into Game development as a programmer and designer since his second year in college. He enjoys turning the fiction he writes into games with original and new mechanics. Aside from wokring as a web dev in The Egyptian army, he also worked on games as a freelancer.

Karim Gameil

A computer science graduate in 2017. Karim is a multi-talneted guy with the ability to do a lot of jobs like voice acting, game design, and creative thinking. But the thing that truly defines him is his excellence in programming. His passion is to popularize game development a profession in Egypt by bringing great and original games.